RUNNER´S WORLD Running camp with Nils Goerke

How To Be a Triathlete

How To Be a Triathlete:
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Runners, what else do you  want?

On the canaries, the islands of eternal spring,  you will find the best place to train all year round. 
Having fun during trainings and with each other always comes first. In addition to the training program, our camp should be an unforgettable holiday for you.
This and more awaits you at RUNNER´S WORLD running camp with Nils Goerke:

-    Daily running training 
-    Multiple focus points
-    Running ABC´s, mobility exercises and athletics

And more ...
Please note: the spoken language during the running camp is German
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Start Date
22.02.2020 11:00:00
End Date
29.02.2020 11:00:00
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Playitas Resort