ATEM Running Box Training Camp Fuerteventura 2022

How To Be a Triathlete

How To Be a Triathlete:
Submitted by playitas on Thu, 04/28/2022 - 12:00

Angela Weber, 8-time Ironman finisher and experienced ultra runner, holder of coaching licences for mass sports, triathlon and yoga, among others, certified natural running and meditation trainer, and her experienced team offer a varied training programme focusing on the following areas: 

•    Strength and athletic training 
•    core and stabilisation training
•    boot camp
•    Crossfit training
•    Tabata training
•    Running training incl. running style analysis
•    Swim training
•    Yoga
•    Meditation
•    Relaxation techniques
•    Stretching
•    Talks in a cosy atmosphere

We offer a perfectly coordinated mix of training, relaxation, recreation and holiday feeling, suitable for all performance and age groups.

Further information - training schedule / impressions - about our camp and the team as well as booking can be found here. For impressions click here


The camp will be held in German.

Start Date
19.11.2022 13:00:00
End Date
28.11.2022 12:00:00
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Training Camp
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Playitas Resort