Boxing & Martial Arts week with Oliver Enkamp

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Boxing & Martial Arts week with Oliver Enkamp in Playitas Resort on Fuerteventura.  
Oliver Enkamp is a mixed martial artist and professional fighter from Sweden, who has competed in the world’s biggest promotions like the ”UFC” and ”Bellator MMA".
With his roots in traditional karate - Olivers knowledge expands to a wide array of disciplines from his 20+ years of travelling across the world, training at the most prestigious martial arts facilities.
He also runs his own martial arts gym "Combat Academy" in Sweden - where he teaches students on a daily basis.
During his week at Playitas Resort; Oliver will be teaching martial arts flow, kickboxing, muay thai and traditional boxing. Each class with their own unique structure and requirements.
Participants can expect fun and challenging workouts that will be suitable for every level - regardless of previous experience!

Start Date
26.02.2024 09:00:00
End Date
04.03.2024 12:00:00
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Event Type
Martial Arts
Event Organisator
Oliver Enkamp
Event Location
Playitas Resort