Fitness week with Rachel Holmes

How To Be a Triathlete

How To Be a Triathlete:
Submitted by playitas on Thu, 04/11/2024 - 14:19

Rachel Holmes is an International Presenter from the UK.

She is a Fitness Educator and Creator of Group Fitness Brands including Fitness Pilates, Lift Lean & Flex. Rachel teaches a wide variety of classes online and at Conferences and Events. 

She will be teaching different classes like;

Fitness Pilates 
Mind Body Core 
Mind Body Conditioning 
Power Step 70´s 80´s 
Cardio Funk 
Stretch & Mobility 

Join this exciting week filled with Fun Classes suitable for all levels. 



Start Date
25.05.2024 14:00:00
End Date
31.05.2024 12:00:00
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Playitas Resort
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