Fitness Week with Tracy Lord

How To Be a Triathlete

How To Be a Triathlete:
Submitted by playitas on Tue, 05/07/2024 - 09:33

Join us this week for an electrifying experience with Tracy Lord, the ultimate fun ball of energy specializing in Group Fitness classes. 

Tracy is an Award-Winning Instructor, nominated for the prestigious British Fitness Awards and now in the running for the Heart & Soul Fitness Awards 2024, Tracy has been recognized for her exceptional contributions to the fitness world. 

Tracy believes that exercise should be not only effective but also fun and captivating. With her infectious energy and dynamic routines, you'll stay motivated like never before!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience fitness in a whole new light! Join Tracy this week and let's sweat, smile, and shine together!

Tracy will be teaching Aqua aerobics, Spin, HIITSTEP, Dance fitness, Les Mills Body Pump and Fitness Pilates!



Start Date
08.10.2024 14:00:00
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12.10.2024 12:00:00
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Playitas Resort
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