LesMills and Boxing week with Lars Gravdahl

How To Be a Triathlete

How To Be a Triathlete:
Submitted by playitas on Tue, 05/07/2024 - 11:01

Get pumped for a week of epic workouts with Lars! With years of experience in martial arts, Lars brings a philosophy of fun and intensity to every class. Get ready to sweat with a smile as you dive into BodyCombat, Grit, Strength Development, Fitness Boxing, and WOD sessions.


Join Lars for challenging and fun classes packed with high speed and intensity. Get ready to push your limits!


@Lars Gravdahl

Start Date
09.12.2024 13:00:00
End Date
15.12.2024 12:00:00
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LesMills + Boxing
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Playitas Resort
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Playitas Resort