How To Be a Triathlete

How To Be a Triathlete:


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Charles Longdon-Hughes has been successfully organizing the IAW events in the Canary Islands since September 1992, featuring some of the best International Fitness Instructors, and attended by thousands of participants from all over Europe. 
Join and enjoy an invigorating, fun-filled activity holiday of a lifetime!

You will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of fitness classes and sports activities each day, to suit all tastes and different levels of fitness and ability.

Fitness Passion & Jumping Week

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Fitness Passion & Jumping Week in Playitas Resort on Fuerteventura

Physiotherapist and athlete Julia van Kaldekerken lives and works by the motto: „do it with passion or not at all“.
She has been a master trainer at Jumping Fitness AG since 2017, and a master trainer and instructor for shadow boxing at bellicon® since 2019.

In 2017, she devoted herself to interval training on her favourite machine, the bellicon® trampoline. Two years later, she developed her own concept out of the principles of interval training: bellicon® Jumping meets Shadowboxer. 

Hannes Hawaii Tours: Swimming camp 1b with Christoph Fürleger

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 Christoph Fürleger stands for concentrated competence at the pool edge.

As a former member of the open water national team, Christoph can look back on an eventful career as an athlete. As a swimmer European champion and as a triathlete subscribed to the title "First out of Water", Christoph is today as a trainer a real expert in the first discipline of triathlon. For Hannes Hawaii Tours he has been at the pool edge since 2007 and has headed dozens of triathlon and swimming camps on Fuerteventura and Mallorca in recent years.