How To Be a Triathlete

How To Be a Triathlete:

Hannes Hawaii Tours Easter Swimmingcamp

Submitted by e.ahle on Tue, 07/21/2020 - 13:52

Graduated sports scientist, swimming lecturer at the University of Tübingen and triathlete: Nico Moritz success as an athlete includes ten national swimmer titles and 16 IRONMAN-Finishes. He is also the owner of "firstoutofwater", through which he helps athletes in swimming and triathlon as a personal trainer to new best performances.

The course language is German.

Hannes Hawaii Tours: Swimming Camp 1a with Christoph Fürleger

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Christoph Fürleger stands for concentrated competence at the pool edge. As a former member of the open water national team, Christoph can look back on an eventful career as an athlete. As a swimmer European champion and as a triathlete subscribed to the title "First out of Water", Christoph is today as a trainer a real expert in the first discipline of triathlon. For Hannes Hawaii Tours he has been at the pool edge since 2007 and has headed dozens of triathlon and swimming camps on Fuerteventura and Mallorca in recent years.

The course language is German.

Hannes Hawaii Tours: Swim/ Run Combination

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The first running camp from HHT is led by Martin Beckmann and Utz Brenner. Martin has over 20 years of experience in high-performance sports. He is multiple German marathon champion and was a member of the German national athletics team for many years. Utz is one of the most experienced triathlon coaches in the scene and can look back on successful collaborations with numerous professional athletes such as Daniela Sämmler, Laura Zimmermann, Katharina Grohmann and Katharina Wolff. He has completed over 100 triathlon competitions.

Hannes Hawaii Tours: Official Ironman Camp

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Jan Raphael will decode the "Code Ironman" with you during this camp.

 As a former professional athlete, Jan can look back on a successful career, both on short and long distances. After two German championship titles, several starts in the World Cup series of the ITU and several years on the national team on the Olympic distance, he moved to the longer distances. When he made his long-distance debut, he crossed the finish line in the first place.

Hannes Hawaii Tours: Swimming Camp 1b

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Are you dreaming of the first kilometers of the season under the southern sun? Top trainers take care of the sports planning, technique trainings and lectures. You will only have to focus on the sport. Get to know kind people and enjoy your vacation! No matter if you are a beginner, swimmer, ambitious triathlete or sports enthusiast who wants to get fit again – everyone is welcome!